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Janice Manning - The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master Edition

The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master Edition

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The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master Edition
Janice Manning


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Краткое содержание книги "The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master Edition"

Millennia ago, Egyptian and Celtic authors recorded prophetic warnings for the future and their harbinger signs are now converging. These predictions are contained in The Kolbrin Bible, a secular wisdom text studied in the days of Jesus and lovingly preserved by generations of Celtic mystics in Great Britain. Nearly as big as the King James Bible, this 3600-year old text warns of an imminent, Armageddon-like conflict with radical Islam, but this is not the greatest threat. The authors of The Kolbrin Bible predict an end to life as we know it, by a celestial event. It will be the return of a massive space object, in a long elliptical orbit around our sun. Known to the Egyptians and Hebrews as the "Destroyer," the Celts later called it the "Frightener."

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21" Century Master Edition


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The Kolbrin Bible

21st Century Master Edition

Janice Manning, Editor Marshall Masters, Contributor Your Own World Books yowbooks.com kolbrin.com

Table Of Contents


Kolbrin Citation System

Book of Creation (Creation, CRT)

Book of Gleanings (Gleanings, GLN)

Book of Scrolls (Scrolls, SCL)

Book of Sons of Fire (Sons of Fire. SOF)

Book of Manuscripts (Manuscripts. MAN)

Book of Morals and Precepts (Morals, MPR)

Book of Origins (Origins. OGS)

Book of the Silver Bough (Silver Bough, SVB)

Book of Lucius (Lucius. LUC)

Book of Wisdom (Wisdom, WSD)

The Britain Book (Britain, BRT)


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The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master Edition

Anonymous Original Authors: 2nd Century B.C.E to 1st Century C.E.

Public Domain Manuscript — Final Compilation: 19th Century C.E., UK

Kolbrin Citation System: Marshall Masters, 2005-2006 USA

First Edition Copyright ©2005 Your Own World, Inc. USA Copyright Registration Number: TXu-1-262-967

Second Edition Copyright ©2006 Your Own World, Inc. For Additional Front Matter, Editing and Index

All rights reserved.

Your Own World Books First Edition - April 2005 Second Edition - May 2006 DOI: 10.1572/kolbrin kolbrin.com

384,587 Words

Trade Paperback

ISBN-13: 978-1-59772-005-2

DOI: 10.1572/9781597720052

Adobe eBook

ISBN-13: 978-1-59772-006-9 DOI: 10.1572/9781597720069

Microsoft eBook

ISBN-13: 978-1-59772-007-6 DOI: 10.1572/9781597720076

Mobipocket eBook

ISBN-13: 978-1-59772-008-3 DOI: 10.1572/9781597720083

Palm eBook

ISBN-13: 978-1-59772-009-0 DOI: 10.1572/9781597720090

YOUR OWN WORLD BOOKS an imprint of Your Own World, Inc. Silver Springs, NV USA SAN: 256-1646 yowbooks.com kolbrin.com

This edition is dedicated to the memory of those unknown ancients, who labored in the face of future uncertainty, to share their timeless wisdom with

generations yet unborn.

— and to —

Those future caretakers who chose to follow in the loving footsteps of

generations past.


The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master Edition contains faithful copies of all 11 books of the historical and prophetic anthology formerly known as The Kolbrin.

The Kolbrin Bible is an ancient secular academic work; it offers alternate accounts of several stories from the Holy Bible and other wisdom texts. Previously named The Kolbrin, the work is now titled The Kolbrin Bible by the publisher. This is because the term "Bible " accurately defines the work and also has its roots in a civilization that played a critical role in its dissemination.

In the classic sense, the term uBibleu comes from the Greek "Biblia," meaning books, which stems from "Byblos." Byblos was an ancient Phoenician port located in what is now the central coast of Lebanon.

In their day, Phoenician traders operated the most advanced fleets of ocean-going vessels in all the world. Before their fall to the Roman Empire, their principal trade routes stretched throughout the Mediterranean area, out along the shores of Western Europe and up as far North as Britain.

Of note to this body of work is that the Phoenicians imported papyrus from Egypt and sold it abroad along with ancient wisdom texts. In doing so, they distributed the earliest known variant of The Kolbrin Bible, called The Great Book, to their various ports of call.

The Great Book was originally penned in Hieratic by Egyptian academicians after the Exodus of the Jews (ca 1500 BCE). Its original 21 volumes were later translated using the 22-letter Phoenician alphabet (which later spawned the Greek, Roman and English alphabets of today).

The only known copy of The Great Book to survive the millennia was the one exported to Britain by the Phoenicians in the 1st century BCE. Regrettably, much of it was destroyed when the Glastonbury Abbey was set ablaze in 1184 CE. The attack on the Abbey was ordered by English King Henry II, after he accused the Abbey priests of being mystical heretics.

Fearing for their lives, the Celtic priests of the Abbey fled into hiding with what remained of The Great Book. There, they transcribed the surviving Phoenician translations to bronze sheets and and stored them in copper-clad wooden boxes. This effort became known as The Bronzebook.

In the 18th century CE The Bronzebook was merged with a Celtic wisdom text called the Coelbook to become The Kolbrin Bible. For more information visit www.kolbrin.com.

Your Own World Books Editions of The Kolbrin Bible Your Own World Books first published several print and electronic editions of The Kolbrin Bible in April 2005. Each edition is a faithful copy of the 20th Century Major Edition and uses the Kolbrin Citation System developed by Marshall Masters.

In May 2006, Your Own World Books published second editions of The Kolbrin Bible. Updated with over 1,600 typographical corrections based on the Chicago Manual of Style, the verbiage remains exactly the same. An index was also added to the print and Adobe eBook editions.


o Comments: Published for scholars, this edition is available in an A4 letter-sized paperback with ample margins for notes. The typesetting is easy on old eyes. o Paperback Edition: 8.268" x 11.693" Easy on Old Eyes Wide

Margins for Notes o eBook Editions: Adobe, Microsoft, Mobipocket and Palm

Egyptian Texts of the Bronzebook: The First Six Books of The Kolbrin Bible

o Books: 1-6 Only

o Comments: Recommended for those with an interest in 2012 Mayan prophecies, Planet X (Nibiru) and factual alternate accounts of Noah's Flood and Exodus. o Paperback Edition: 7.44" x 9.69" Affordable — Ideal for Home o eBook Editions: Adobe, Microsoft, Mobipocket and Palm

Celtic Texts of the Coelbook: The Last Five Books of The Kolbrin Bible o Books: 7-11 Only


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